Advanced Traffic Management Systems

Connecting systems and data to optimize transportation management, reduce congestion, and preserve economic prosperity and quality of life.

Safety & Security

Developing solutions that can raise the levels of safety for both the users and the road infrastructure.

Smart Cities

Developing solutions for the road users to increase the safety and comfort of the travel experience, through the reduction of traffic jams thanks to the collection and distribution of accurate & precise information in real time.


The continuous monitoring of the systems dedicated to the safety of road connectivity and infrastructure plays a very important role in the activities carried out by the road network manager.


Experience in the design, development, management and maintenance of solutions given to the road infrastructure managers, finding solutions about the toll collection.

building solution, energy, telecommunication, automation systems

We design and create solutions to process and distribute energy and more…


Designing and building electrical substations and high, medium and low voltage installations.


Project management, facility network implementation, technical implementation, network deployment and site upgrades

Building Solutions

Access controls, cctv, anti-intrusion, smoke detection, extinguishing systems, temperature management, ATUs, cooling systems, heating systems, BMS system, data network.

Automation systems

Automation systems which includes control and application hardware to supervise the installation. Continuous, batch, combined, with direct or remote access, via web or with remote assistance and control.